Mission Statement
We inculcate a corporate identity that respects and values the unique strengths and cultural differences of our colleagues, customers and community, while building businesses and supporting people to realize their full potential.
Vision Statement
Our ever evolving image is of sustainable and diverse businesses that continue to provide a place for people to grow, build wealth and contribute toward a greater good.
We provide value and excellence
We respect the needs and dignity of those we serve
We keep our promises
We respect our planet
Achieve today, gear for the future, create and supply value.
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Our Thinking

We believe in observation and nurturing growth of others.

What to me is critical is that a leader ensures that all employees really understand the purpose of what they do, and how it fits into the company at large.

People need to be involved in the big picture and the entire process rather than having their responsibilities departmentalised. I believe that wherever relevant, giving people a broader understanding of the company/industry’s sector can broaden their insights and potentially enhance productivity based on pride and competition.

No matter how often this is said, I’ll say it again: If leaders want to succeed, their employees need to be inspired to share in their vision and motivated to fulfil the vision set for the company. I have found it more effective to stand behind and propel people forward than to stand in front and ‘pull’.

Leaders need to observe and discover both the strengths and weaknesses of employees and teams. Strengths need to be recognised and encouraged; weaknesses need to addressed with mentoring, coaching and/or training, so that the employees feel they are developing and can aim for success.

The reward for the leader lies, on one level, in seeing people’s respect grow as well as their own self-confidence; and on another, in the work outputs being more efficient in terms of time and quality.

Underpinning all of the above, is the character trait of integrity – employees’ respect is paramount as it results in a trusting relationship between employer and employee, as well as the company and its stakeholders.

Lastly, in a world that has become connected in more ways than one; in a world where technology is at the forefront of how things are evolving, leaders need to evolve their skills in order to embrace these technologies - in particular those that will assist us in becoming more efficient, and possibly resulting in more time available for family, which has become the victim of an ever busy work schedule.

"No matter how often this is said, I’ll say it again: If leaders want to succeed, their employees need to be inspired to share in their vision!"